Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Please Support the Residents & Indian Porpoises: Help Stop the Nuclear Power Station at Iwaishima Island

People of Iwaishima Island blocking the ocean and the road to stop the construction

Via PARC (the Pacific Asia Resource Center) and the people of Iwaijima Island, on the Inland Sea, in Yamaguchi Prefecture:
Stop the Reclamation for the Nuclear Power Station! Support the People of Iwaishima Island!

The beautiful ocean in Yamaguchi Prefecture is at risk of reclamation for the new nuclear power station. The company tried to start the construction in Sep.10 2009, yet the fisherfolks and residents of Iwaishima Island has been blocking it with all their effort. They are calling for the support to recall this planned power station. On Sep.10 2009, people of Iwaishima island surrounded huge barges of the electric company that are trying to start reclamation of the sea, using 30 of their small fish boats. At the land, other residents kept holding sit-in, showing their strong will to protect their ocean where filled by blessing of the nature.

In 1982, the plan to build a nuclear power station at Kaminoseki-cho, Yamaguchi Pref, western part of Japan was brought up. The plan is to reclaim a beautiful oceanfront area where the Indian porpoises, a small whales lives.

People of Iwaishima island, only 3.5 km away from the planned nuclear power station, have been fishing in this ocean for centuries for their livelihood. 90% of residents in Iwaishima have strongly opposed this plan for over 25 years and want to protect the ocean.

In 2008, Yamaguchi prefecture published the permission for the reclaimation to Chugoku Electric Power Co, Inc. With this permission, the Chugoku Electric Power tried to start the reclamation today, Sep.10th 2009, yet they haven't even apply for the permission to set up the atomic reactor.

On this day, the efforts of people from Iwaishima stopped the commencement of work. Still, it is clear that the Chugoku Electruc Power is going to try again and again.

Not only Indian porpoises, but also so many precious animals such as Japanese Murrelets are living with the blessing of this ocean. It is a rich fishing ground as well. Once ocean is reclaimed, we can never get this ocean back.

The Chugoku Electruc Power and Yamaguchi Prefecture have been saying the environmentalist movement is only supported by local people, therefore, they could force this project to go on. Please support this movement of people from Iwaishima Island by sending emails or calling to the related companies and local government offices below. Pressure from outside could great support changing the situation.


■Yamaguchi Prefectural government
Bureau of Infrastructure (to stop the reclamation)
Tel: +81-83-933-3810 Fax: +81-83-933-3829
Bureau of Environment (to conserve environment or precious animals)
Tel: +81-83-933-3050 Fax: +81-83-933-3069

■Chugoku Electric Power co. INC.
Mail Form
Tel: +81-82-241-0211 Fax: +81-82-523-6185

■Kaminoseki town office
Tel: +81-820-62-0311 Fax: +81-820-62-1600

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