Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Update on Bat Nha Monastery by Velcrow Ripper

Filmmaker Velcrow Ripper made this beautiful short film to provide background and an update on the status of Bat Nha Monastery, created by Thich Nhat Hanh in the tradition of Plum Village--when the Zen master made his historic return to Vietnam in 2005.

The monastery flourished, until late 2008, when the Vietnamese government began a renewed attack on the freedom of religion (Christians are also being persecuted, along with Buddhists). Hired thugs brutalized and intimidated Bat Nha sangha members, forcing them to leave the monastery.

Throughout the world, supporters of human rights and the free expression of religion are encouraging the Vietnamese government to end its persecution of Christians and Buddhists.

The international spiritual leader introduces this short film at the Plum Village website:
Dear friends,

Let us continue to send our energy of practice, our peace and calm to the Bat Nha Brothers and Sisters who are still under surveillance and without a clear resolution to their situation.

Sangha Brother Velcrow Ripper has made this little film as a prayer to our BN Monastics.

Let us also send our energy to the Abbot of Phuoc Hue Temple and his Sangha who has compassionately taken our young brothers and sisters in for refuge; to the many lay friends and supporters of Bao Loc who are fearlessly bringing food and coming to help with cooking and bringing the sick to the hospital at the risk of persecution; and to our elder Brothers Phap Hoi, Phap Sy, and Phap Tu, who can not return to their Bat Nha Community of younger monks and nuns; and to all beings who are still covered in the cloud of misunderstanding and suspicion.

Love is born from understanding – understanding the suffering of the other person, his or her suffering and deep aspiration; and that understanding brings about true love. And in order to understand, we must have the time to look deeply and to listen deeply.

- Thich Nhat Hanh
The short film is taken from clips from (Velcrow Ripper's feature documentary, "Fierce Light: Where Spirit Meets Action" which tells more about Hahn's journey from Vietnam to Plum Village in France and his return visit to Vietnam, along with other stories of inspired nonviolent action.)

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kimmiesunshine said...

Thich Nhat Hanh speaks from such a place of pure clarity and truth...just hearing his voice touches me deeply. I hope that his words will eventually be able to penetrate into the hearts of those unleashing this unjust persecution and tap into their compassion.

Thank you for this heartbreaking, yet inspiring piece!