Friday, May 14, 2010

Corporate Interests behind Futenma "Replacement" Boondoggle

Satoko Norimatsu has posted a translation of Japanese investigative journalist Shigeru Handa's Okinawa military base contract investigation in 's "Corporate Interests Behind Futenma "Replacement."

Handa describes the competing companies that pushed different (all environmentally destructive) competing construction proposals for a Futenma U.S. Marine "replacement" base at Henoko:
Then there was another group that supported another method of building a base - the "piling method"(note: the one that Hatoyama Government is proposing as of May 2010). This group had nineteen companies as members, with a major trading company Nissho Iwai as a key member.

It was the choice between steel boxes or steel pilings, so there were overlaps between these two groups. Seventeen of the nineteen companies in the "piling" group also belonged to the "pontoon" group. The "pontoon" group just has Nissho Iwai and Raytheon, manufacturer of PAC3 (guided missile system. This group had Torkel Patterson, chair of Japan Desk at Pentagon, as a member.
Read about the corporate faces behind the other plans at Peace Philosophy Centre's website.

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