Monday, May 31, 2010

NPT Final Report: Israel, Pakistan & India need to join the NPT; North Korea must return to the NPT

Via Satoko Norimatsu at Peace Philosophy Centre, "NPT Review Conference Unanimously Approves Final Document:"
From the Japanese media reports:

Chugoku Shimbun
Comment by Tanaka Terumi, Executive Director of Nihon Hidankyo, a national organization of A-bomb survivors

"This conference is a step forward from the 2000 review conference. The participating countries cooperated in order not to make the conferenced fall apart (like it did in 2005). I am dissatisfied with the fact that the concrete schedule for nuclear disarmament, which was in the original draft, was removed, and no clear path for abolition was presented. I want all the participating countries to take more concrete actions. "
Jiji reports comments by Hiroshima Mayor Akiba and Nagasaki Mayor Taue:
Akiba: It is meaningful that all participating nations, including NWS, agreed upon taking actions toward nuclear disarmament and abolition.

Taue: NPT would have collapsed if the nations could not reach an agreement, so I recognize the achievement of the final document. However, the content of the document has taken steps backward. As a city that experienced atomic-bombing, I am dissatisfied."
From Mainichi Shimbun, the main points of the final document are:

• Work for a peaceful world without nuclear weapons

• NWS (Nuclear Weapon States) reports their progress at the preparatory conference in 2014

• To hold a conference in 2012 for a nuclear-free Middle East

• Demand Israel, Pakistan and India to join NPT

• Condemn the nuclear testing done by DPRK and demand their return to NPT

• Introduce "nuclear security," a scheme to prevent nuclear terrorism

PeacePhilosopher's note:

Although a compromise was made, which was of course a lot better than no compromise, there was general dissatisfaction within non-nuclear states that nuclear states refused to set a exact timing for total elimination or to hold a conference for disarmament in 2014 to set a schedule for abolition. Arab states were satisfied and Obama dissatisfied about Israel being named, and vice versa about Iran not being named. All participants were together for their position on DPRK, Pakistan and India. 2010 Middle East conference seems to be the most concrete agreement in the final document this time, but US is already expressing dissent.
More from NHK: "NPT Review Conference ends"
A UN conference reviewing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty has adopted a final document that confirms signatory nations' efforts to achieve a nuclear-weapons-free world.

The final document was unanimously approved on Friday, the last day of the month-long conference in New York.

The document says nuclear-weapons states under the treaty are committed to work for the total abolition of their arms. It asks these countries to start negotiating on ways to achieve that goal and report back on their progress to the conference's preparatory committee by 2014.

Japan's permanent representative to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, Akio Suda, told reporters that he is not satisfied with all aspects of the agreement but it includes forward-looking steps, such as reporting by nuclear powers on their efforts during the next 4 years.

France's disarmament ambassador Eric Danon stressed the importance of not backtracking on nuclear disarmament. He explained that France will proceed with the reduction of its nuclear arsenal at its discretion, saying it is not desirable to set a specific international timetable.

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