Saturday, May 22, 2010

Okinawa Prefecture Assembly Members refuse to meet with Hatoyama

Via Satoko Norimatsu's Peace Philosophy Centre blog:
The Okinawa Times reported Okinawa Prefectural Assembly members refuse to meet with Hatoyama on Sunday.

They will instead sit-in in front of the Prefectural Assembly Building while Governor Nakaima meets with Hatoyama. Speaker of the Assembly Takamine said, "We want to express our position to oppose the base rather than meet with the prime minister for ten minutes."

There are also citizens' demonstrations planned at the time of Hatoyama's visit on Sunday, May 23rd:

9:00 AM - In front of Prefectural Hall

11:30 AM - In front of Busena Resort (Western Shore of Nago)

Hatoyama is scheduled to meet with the governor; mayors of northern cities and towns; and with business groups.

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