Monday, July 12, 2010

LDP incumbent Shimajiri re-elected; wants U.S. Marine Base Futenma out of Okinawa

The Mainichi reports that Okinawans re-elected LDP incumbent Aiko Shimajiri who differs with her party's stance on the U.S. Marine Base Futenma, a war training base, located in the middle of Ginowan City. Responding to her constituents, she wants it removed from Okinawa entirely .

All viable candidates shared MP Shimajiri's call for the removal of the US base:
Throughout the campaign period, however, the Futenma issue failed to serve as a focal issue to swing votes, with all leading candidates opposing the government's agreement with Washington to relocate the airbase to an alternative site within the prefecture. The candidates all called for transferring Futenma functions outside Okinawa or Japan, or the immediate and unconditional dismantling of the facility.

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