Thursday, August 5, 2010

"The Wise Man of Nyokodo" — Staged Reading of Noh Play about the Bombing of Nagasaki, Aug. 7th & 8th, NYC

From Yumi Tanaka of the NY Peace Film Festival and the first (appointed in July) "Nagasaki Peace Correspondent":

"The Wise Man of Nyokodo"

-A Japanese Style Noh play in English-

Commemorating the 65th Anniversary

of the bombing of Nagasaki.

-A testament to the transforming power of sharing our stories together-

Based on an imagined meeting in Nagasaki Cathedral between the famous

Catholic peace activist, Dr. Takashi Nagai, and the Pilot of the Bock’s car,

Charles Sweeney, years after the dropping of the bomb.

August 7th and 8th at 7pm at Interborough Repertory Theater

154 Christopher St., 3rd Floor, buzzer 3B

Staged reading with accompaniment by the Japanese music ensemble Wafoo

Followed by a brief discussion of the play and issues around the bombing.

Sponsored by NY Peace Film Festival and Interborough Repertory Theater (IRT)

For reservations and information call (917) 969-8698

Written and Directed by Casey Groves





朗読: The Wise man of Nyokodo 
日時: 8月7日(土)・8日(日) 午後7時〜
入場: 無料

要予約: (917) 969-8698




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