Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Film Director Nishikawa Miwa on ANPO

From ANPO director Linda Hoaglund's blog:
"Nishikawa Miwa on ANPO"

A beautiful quote from the brilliant young director, Nishikawa Miwa. She is a rising star on both the cinematic and literary scene in Japan.
For ANPO...

I am of the generation that gave up on it all.

By my time, the war, ANPO, the economic miracle and everything else was over and done with, defeated. Unable to identify an enemy to confront or comrades to ally with, I justify my generation and my life by remaining numb to history and to America.

And yet, nevertheless. Isn’t our woeful state exactly what they had in mind for us?

Don’t you see, they have us where they want us? Are you OK being the prostitute? OK being the pimp?

I cannot imagine anyone, Japanese or American, not breaking out in a cold sweat, confronted by the overwhelming intensity of the art in this film.

Linda Hoaglund, borne between Japan, the prostitute and America, the pimp; this film is the fruit of her quiet, searing prayers.
- Nishikawa Miwa, director, Wild Berries and Sway, Dear Doctor

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