Sunday, January 30, 2011

Henoko, Okinawa: 14 U.S. Marine amphibious assault tanks crush coral and anemone; trample sea grass; & disturb dugongs during feeding hours

The Henoko Hama Tsushin blog posted this on Jan. 27:

When I went to the beach after dawn today, I saw fourteen U.S. Marine amphibious assault tanks lined on Henoko beach which we Okinawans cherish so much.

According to a local witness, the tanks left dock landing ship(s) offshore. In the dark, with glaring searchlights on, the tanks disembarked moved towards the beach, in the direction of Camp Schwab.

These amphibious assault tanks have caused many accidents; crushed coral; and trampled down the sea grass that the Okinawan Dugongs eat. The assault tanks disperse oil, soot, noises around the coral.

What a violent act to set fourteen tanks with their weaponry in the sea during the hours (rather than another time) when Okinawan Dugongs are active! Usually, the dugongs that live offshore of Henoko are active at night, inside the coral reef.

Therefore, even the adamant Okinawa Burea of Defense Policy could not make their environmental assessments until one hour after dawn to assess the serious impact the ecosystem of the sea where the dugongs live.
(Many thanks to M. Sato for this translation.)

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