Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Aloha: Occupying APEC

Mahalo to Temple Valley Times for posting Hawaiian musician Makana's "We Are the Many" which he sang before Pres. Obama and other state leaders meeting to discuss "free trade" at the APEC meeting this past weekend in Hawai'i.


Johntaro said...

ʻAʻole pilikia (I hope that’s the right response and it’s nothing offensive – it took me a long time to look it up). I’ve just been watching (via Livestream) the NYPD kick the OWS protesters out of Liberty Park as City sanitation workers trash people’s belongings and it looks pretty bad. Yet, while they may have lost their possessions, the 99% still has a voice and you can hear it resonate loud and strong in this sweet little melody by Makana. "We Are the Many" and we are making our voices heard.

TenThousandThings said...

Hi JT, My Hawaiian is limited to Aloha and Mahalo :) It's deceptive when some in the establishment media paint Occupiers as jealous "have-nots" although many are young people who will be deprived of a decent future and many are those cheated by predatory, fraudulent banking (mortgage and foreclosure) practices. Yes - we are the many - the Occupy Movement is much more than those occupying and include many people who are affluent "haves" in the middle, upper-middle, and actually 1% - who want a more sustainable, just, non-exploitative, humane situation for every person (and for many in the Movement for animals, all life, every habitat on our planet).The Walnut Creek California Occupy protest (not covered by media) is an example of economically privileged people in an unjust system who want to change it because it's unjust, undemocratic, and deeply corrupted. They don't feel comfortable benefitting off the unethical and undemocratic exploitation, predation of people and the destruction of our planetary resources for profit. I see Occupy as a convergence of millions of worldwide grassroots movements cross-sectioning indigenous, environmentalist, democracy that Paul Hawken wrote about a few years ago. I'll repost a video on this. Many thanks again for the post and best to all in Temple Valley! Jean