Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Okinawa Prefectural Govt Panel: Proposed new U.S. mega-base construction would destroy Henoko dugong and coral habitat

Via Kyodo via Mainichi, "Conserving habitat impossible if Futenma moved to Nago: panel":
A panel of the Okinawa prefectural government has concluded that it would be impossible to conserve the living and natural environment if an airfield is constructed in the Henoko coastal area of Nago for the relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps' Futenma Air Station in Ginowan, both in the island prefecture, sources close to the matter said Tuesday...

Based on the panel's report, Okinawa Gov. Hirokazu Nakaima is expected to present his opinion to the central government, saying the relocation of the Futenma base to the Henoko area is extremely difficult, the sources said. The central government may subsequently be required to substantially revise the assessment report.

The panel report says the central government's surveys covering 25 areas, including the impact on the habitat of the dugong, an endangered marine mammal, are insufficient and the survey results underestimate the environmental impact, the sources said.

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