Monday, March 12, 2012

Island of Stone: Professor Yang Yoon-Mo

This short documentary features Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo, South Korea's most renowned film critic, speaking from Jeju Island's southern coast.

Prof. Yang is now being held in a Jeju prison where he is undertaking a protest fast against the illegal military seizure and destruction of the private property of the Gangjeong villagers; the violent intimidation of villagers, clergy and other supporters challenging the illegality of the state seizure; and the military destruction of Jeju Island's most beautiful coast.

On Jan. 30, 2012, he was arrested when he crawled underneath a naval base construction dump truck. He was on probation from a 2011 prison term. During imprisonment he underwent a hunger strike for 76 days.

He told a local newspaper, “At the time of prison fast last year, [Catholic] Bishop Kang Woo-Il persuaded me to stop the fast but as the situation has become different, I will not stop it.”

“Unless the Navy stops its law-transcending illegal construction, my fast will not be stopped either. I will process a hunger strike struggle to accomplish a faith that the Jeju should remain as the demilitarized Island of Peace.”

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