Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"No Osprey!" - An English message to the Ryukyu Shimpo

Rally against MV22 "Osprey", June 17, 2012, US Marine Corps Futenma Air Base, Okinawa.
「世界一危険な基地」普天間基地への日米両政府による「自爆ヘリ」オスプレイ配備反対宜野湾市民集会。(Photo: Makoto Arakaki)
An English message to the Ryukyu Shimpo (Ryukyu Newspaper)

by Reiko Kiyuna

The most important mission of the government is to protect its own people. But, what the Japanese government is about to promote is bringing the dangerous Osprey to Okinawa.

Even though we are demanding that the Osprey not be deployed here, the government insists.

Isn’t this a kind of rape, a forceful violation against the will of the people, of our consent in this democracy?

All media never fail to tell us that we are threatened by North Korea and China. But, I think the immediate threat is right in front of us from both our national government in Tokyo and from the United States.

Those governments are not trying to understand Okinawa people’s grief and frustration.

We don’t want to hear any more explanations about the supposed necessity of the Osprey on this island. The occupiers do not need to try to prove anymore that this aircraft is safe. The evidence is clear that it isn’t safe. Many crashes prove that it is a danger.

I’ve thought about what I can do to show my anger and resentment for not being heard in my everyday life.

I can express my feelings on my own car. I can drive my car with the stickers that communicate the message that is apparently not getting through to politicians and to the military.

I hope that all cars in Okinawa wear this sticker and fill the streets, roads, and expressway with the message that we want to be heard. “No Osprey!”

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