Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photos: Oi Restart Protest • Sapporo & Shinjuku Solidarity Protests

The scene at the Ooi nuclear plant, where activities are due to recommence later today. It appears that the riot police had to climb a mountain to arrive at the plant, as the only road providing access is blocked by protestors. Workers at the plant have been shipped in by ferry....

Sapporo residents demonstrate solidarity with Oi protesters.

Two lovely women holding hydrangeas at the Shinjuku solidarity protest today.
(Photo: Ruthie Iida of Faces of Japan)
This evening, the Oi nuclear power plant is due to re-start.

Protestors have been camped outside the premises since yesterday evening, blocking the road, making a big noise, and making life miserable for the grim-faced police assigned to protect the entrance of the plant and ensure that work goes on inside as scheduled.

Tonight’s NHK news brushed off the pandemonium in Fukui Prefecture and featured a two-hour special on scenic Greece. Other channels continued with the standard game shows and dramas, as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

Well, what’s happening right now is way out-of -the-ordinary, and is being documented by independent news agencies round the clock.

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