Monday, August 13, 2012

8.13 Rally commemorating the 2004 crash of a US military training helicopter into Okinawa Int. University - Ginowan City Hall, Ginowan City, Okinawa

(Photo: Kyoko Higa: 宜野湾市役所前で写真のタイトルの集会に参加しました。8年前と何ら改善されない現状に決意新たに取組む、オスプレイ配備は言語道断!、防衛大臣の来県を阻止しよう。)

Today's 8.13 protest rally in front of Ginowan City Hall commemorates the 2004 U.S. military helicopter training crash at the Okinawa International University campus. Okinawans have described the US military plan to deploy (test/train at low-altitude) V-22 "Osprey" aircraft in Okinawa as "outrageous."

They said they Okinawans are filled with a renewed sense of determination in opposing US military expansion plans in their prefecture: destruction of Oura Bay and Henoko to make way for a mega-base over a coral reef and Okinawa dugong habitat; clearing of old-growth trees (habitat of the endangered Okinawa woodpecker and Okinawa rail) to make way for V-22 "Osprey" helipads in one of the best-preserved areas of Yanbaru rainforest; and destruction of more old-growth forest for the enlargement of the live-fire artillery training ground at Mt. Ogura.

Background about the crash here.

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