Friday, September 21, 2012

US Congressman Dennis Kucinich expresses empathy with Fukushima survivors & calls for a Nuclear-Free World at C.A.N. rally in D.C.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich) addressed an overflowing audience yesterday at the Coalition Against Nukes (C.A.N.) rally, ongoing in Washington, D.C. through the weekend:
 ...The horrific meltdowns in Fukushima remind us all of just how vulnerable we are, not just in Japan, but everywhere...

Our hearts go out to the people of Japan for the catastrophe that you've have suffered, for the immediate effects and long-term effects that will concern generations of Japanese. Once again, to the Japanese people, your suffering is the suffering of the world. And your suffering needs to be understood by the world because the world has important lessons to learn from the suffering of the Japanese people.

 The facts are clearly in our favor. Nuclear power should be allowed to fail as an energy source. But the facts are not enough, particularly in this town.

We have to change a mindset. The mindset does not get the attention it deserves.

I spent several hours on the floor of the house yesterday, trying to create the debate, which eventually resulted in stopping this new national park which glorifies the bomb. The supporters of the bill are prepared to memorialize the Manhattan Project without properly memorializing the unprecedented destruction that it brought. You can't talk about the technology without talking about its effects.

 The schism in the thinking: technology here, effects there - is our mission to challenge; and to replace it with integrative thinking, with holistic thinking, with thinking that sees the world and cognizes the world as an undivided whole.

 There's a sense that when the atom was split, it really split the consciousness of our country. It was the beginning of intensification of dichotomized thinking, of us versus them, whomever they are. And the dichotomy between humans and nature.

We have to reconcile ourselves with the natural world. That's the essence of sustainability... We have to not let our humanity be swept away as we congratulate ourselves about how clever we are about our inventions.

We have to look at where we're going as a society...

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