Thursday, June 13, 2013

SUPPORT OKINAWA GOVERNOR NAKAIMA: Postcard Campaign to Save Henoko, Oura Bay and Takae

Via our colleagues at Okinawa Outreach:  SUPPORT GOVERNOR NAKAIMA: Postcard Campaign to Save Henoko, Oura Bay and Takae (eco-village in Yanbaru, northern Okinawa's subtropical rainforest)

"SUPPORT THE GOVERNOR: POSTCARD CAMPAIGN TO SAVE HENOKO & OURA BAY" is an ongoing grassroots campaign whereby Okinawans are sending postcards to Governor Nakaima to demonstrate their support for his goal to save Henoko & Oura Bay. This beautiful and beloved eco-region situated in a quiet part of northern Okinawa's coastline is a thriving biodiverse habitat of Okinawa's critically endangered dugongs and other unique (including newly discovered) marine wildlife. It is adjacent to the subtropical rainforest of Yanbaru .

Now is the final stage of Okinawa’s struggle for Henoko & Oura Bay. the US and Japanese governments are pushing forward their plan to construct a massive US military base there with force. Last March, Okinawa Defense Bureau (Japan Defense Ministry office in Okinawa) submitted to Okinawa prefecture their application for reclamation of the sea off Henoko, while all 41 municipalities in Okinawa and the Governor oppose the plan.

The Abe administration is now putting strong pressure on the Governor, so we should support him.

To express our support, we encourage you to write the Governor a postcard.

Please write him: “We support you ! “ “No More Bases ! ” “Save Henoko!” “Save Okinawa Dugong” “Stay strong”

The address is:
Govenor Hirokazu Nakaima
Secretariat Division
Okinawa Prefecture
Izumizaki, Naha
Okinawa, Japan
ZIP CODE 900-8570

If you write him, please take picture and send to okinawaor [at mark] We will upload it on this blog.

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