Friday, January 10, 2014

Okinawa Prefectural Assembly demands Governor Nakaima's resignation

(Photo via Ms. Kyoko Higa, Okinawa Prefectural Assembly member)

Via Dr. Masami Mel Kawamura/Okinawa Outreach via (via Ms. Kyoko Higa, Okinawa Prefectural Assembly member):
Breaking news!

Okinawa Prefecture Assembly passed the resolution, calling for the resignation of Governor Nakaima, although it is not legally binding.

It points that Govenor's decision [to break his 2010 campaign promise and (despite the opposition of the Okinawan Prefectural Assembly, mayors of all Okinawan municipalities, and other elected political officials) approve a deal for environmentally destructive military landfill at biodiverse Henoko and Oura Bay, in exchange for a slight increase of government subsidies] is not reflective of the Okinawan people's will.


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