Monday, February 17, 2014

Record snowfall in Japan

Trucks and cars are stranded by heavy snow on a national road in Karuizawa in this Feb. 16, 2014.
(Photo: Kyodo via NBC)

With wishes for safety to all in Japan, sharing Martin Frid's Kurashi report on the record snowfall that has trapped up to 9,000+ (many elders) in their homes; killed 19 people, and injured hundreds; disabled utilities; and stranded travelers:
The second deluge we got here on Friday was worse than the previous one. Still on Monday, several thousands of people northwest of Tokyo are isolated or trapped in their homes, with meter-high snow covering roads and roofs. Kofu in Yamansahi prefecture got some 120 cm, more than ever. My town and Chichibu to the northwest was/is cut off from all communication.
Travel news site,, details travel nightmares, and predicts more snow ahead:
 In Tokyo, at least 800 cars were stuck for nearly a day in traffic jams on highways, prompting transportation officials to deliver food and portable toilets...

Weather historian Christopher C. Burt of Weather Underground said Sendai and Ishinomaki, northern cities hard hit by the 2011 tsunami, received their heaviest or deepest snowfalls since the 1930s.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said Sunday that the low pressure system was traveling north, dumping more snow after passing the Tokyo region...

Another storm system is expected to pass south of Japan Wednesday and Thursday, bringing snow again to the country's Pacific coast. The snowfall could be enough to push Tokyo past its modern record monthly snowfall of 22 inches set in January 1984.

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