Friday, February 7, 2014

Shingetsu News (Video Report): "A Democratic Victory in Nago, Okinawa"

Via Shingetsu News, Michael Penn's sensitive and deeply informed video report on the Nago mayoral election captures the excitement of participatory democracy in Okinawa:
The exit polls showed that the people of Nago opposed the construction of Henoko air base by the overwhelming margin of 68% to 27%.
At 4:57, the camera captures Upper House Member of Parliament Keiko Itokazu in in her iconic vermillion suit flanked by Lower House MP Denny Tamaki (half Okinawan, half American, but only speaks Japanese) on the left and Lower House MP Kantoku Teruya on the right, in the background, cheering Mayor Inamine.  

At 5:42, the report includes Mayor Inamine's speech; and at 6:40, concludes with Penn's observations about the resilience and intensity of the struggle for democracy in Okinawa. 

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