Monday, September 27, 2010

ANPO showing at Vancouver Int. Film Festival, Oct. 3 & 4

An invitation from Satoko Norimatsu at the Vancouver-based Peace Philosophy Centre:

Are you ready for VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival)?

Film ANPO - by director Linda Hoaglund, producer of highly acclaimed film Tokko-Wings of Defeat, will be shown in VIFF (6 PM on Oct. 3, and 1:15 PM on Oct.4).

From the review at the VIFF website:
Thanks to ANPO, the "American-Japanese Joint Security Pact", there are still 90 American military bases on Japanese soil, 30 of them in Okinawa.

The "Pact" dates from the post-war years when Japan was governed by General MacArthur, and its periodic renewals attracted mass protests - sometimes violent - in the 1950s and 1960s, as seen in films by Oshima and others.

Protests against the US Army presence on Japanese soil also surfaced in Japanese painting and sculpture, as shown in Linda Hoaglund's eye-opening documentary essay, which offers some broad historical perspectives on the struggles but centres on the responses of engaged artists.

Hoaglund's own perspective (she is an American who was born and raised in Japan, well-known as the subtitler of many Japanese movies) gives the film real heft: she coaxes forthright statements from usually-reticent interviewees as well as getting up close to the political stances embedded in a wide range of paintings...
See ANPO's website, and trailer:

You are invited to a gathering with Linda,

at 6:45 PM - 8:15 PM, Monday October 4

(Linda Hoaglund)

Please see the movie, and come to our event to meet Linda, ask questions, and talk about whatever is inspired by the film. (It is not mandatory see the film to be part of this event, though. You can meet her and always see the film later.)

Admission is free (donations to cover the rental expense are welcome). Children are welcome. Snack donations are welcome.

For inquiry and RSVP, contact:

Vancouver Save Article 9 and Peace Philosophy Centre
Linda Hoaglund Profile:

Linda Hoaglund was born and raised in Japan. Her previous film, Wings of Defeat, told the story of Kamikaze pilots who survived WWII. She has recently directed and produced ANPO, a film about Japanese resistance to U.S. bases seen through the eyes and works of celebrated Japanese artists.

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