Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Battle of Okinawa Update: Latest Okinawan citizen rally against delivery of EIS

(Latest rally against the delivery of EIS to Okinawa. Photos: Masami Mel Kawamura)

Update from Kinay Oshiro at Okinawa Outreach on FB:
URGENT. The environmental report was delivered to the prefecture, at 4 in the morning. Another mistreat of Okinawa by Japan.

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Eric808 said...

Okinawa gave the greatest sacrifice in WWII, with over 140,000 innocent civilian lives. They had no say in this and were used as a human shield by Japan to stall so that American forces would not reach mainland Japan. Japan also knew at that time that they would surrender, but still caused the massacre of so many, even more than Hiroshima and nagasaki put together.

Now, the Japanese government treats Okinawa the same way in ignoring Okinawa's stand against landfill and expansion of bases and relocation. They have sneaked in the EIS and threatened Okinawa in saying they will still force Okinawa to take it although the governor does not allow it. This will be the end to democracy and human rights for Okinawa and possibly all Japan.

Should the Japanese central government force Okinawa, this will mean that wherever in Japan there is opposition on anything, the government will have the right to override if they want. This will put Japanese government int he same position as North Korea and China. Disrespecting the rights of the people.

Okinawa already has about 80% of the bases in all Japan. The crimes continue and the danger of the bases are faced everyday. The Osprey that will be based there is the most dangerous aircraft that even its use in the U.S. is limited because it is not reliable and has a high percentage of crashes. How much more blood needs to be shed in Okinawa? Where is demovracy? Where is Human rights for Okinawa?