Thursday, September 8, 2011

Charity Sale for Japan Disaster Relief - Sept. 10 & 17 @ Kyoto

IDRO volunteers setting up shop

International Disaster Relief Organization Japan, a Kyoto-based NPO, is holding another charity sale in Kyoto:
  • Saturday 3rd September from 1 till 5pm.
  • Saturday 10th September from 1 till 5pm.
  • Saturday 17th September from 9 till 6pm.
For now IDRO is holding the sale at the ground floor of Kurochiku (corner of Shinmachi and Rokkaku) but they are still looking for a permanent place to set up shop. According to Deep Kyoto:
Over the next three Saturdays we will open up our shop three times. We want to sell as much stuff as we can, in order to quickly raise some funds, and also partly to make the next move a wee bit easier. As we don’t yet have any permanent storage space, for the time being we are not accepting anymore donated goods for sale. However, for sale we do have a lot of good books (all sorted by genre now so easier to browse), clothes, shoes, bags, toys, games, crockery, CDs, vinyl records, and electrical goods and they are going super cheap...
IDRO raised 170,000 yen in their last sale. All proceeds from this sale will also be used for relief efforts in northeastern Japan.

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