Tuesday, June 14, 2011

John Einarsen: In the Realm of the Bicycle

John Einarsen says this about his new book of photographs:
Each encounter I had with a member of this vast race revealed an individual with a personality all its own, the result of a history at once common and mysterious. Inevitably, I came to see them as they really were: creatures who populated the niches and nooks and corners and alleys of neighborhoods and streets and lives....

Most of the images in the book were taken in Kyoto over the years.
Cycle Kyoto adds this note:
Each photo in In the Realm of the Bicycle is a haiku, a brief fleeting moment that contains a larger truth.
To view a sample some of the pages, go to:

John Einarsen is the founding editor & art director of Kyoto Journal, an iconic English-language quarterly that emerged from Kyoto during the 1980's, about to embark a new incarnation online.

The cover is by Tiery Le.

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