Saturday, September 19, 2009

2nd Asian Queer Film Festival Screens in Tokyo

The Asian Queer Film Festival makes its second run from September 19-23, 2009 at Kinneatic, a cozy and artsy gallery in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood that specializes in independent films.

From the festival website:

The biennial Asian Queer Film Festival began in Japan in 2007 and is devoted exclusively to screening queer films from Asia. The films for AQFF are selected with an eye to supporting Asian indies writers, so independently produced films are prominent in the AQFF lineup. What makes AQFF even more exciting is that most of the films are being shown in Japan for the first time. Sexual minorities in Asia have been harshly repressed, so there are not many opportunities to see and know more about them, yet they certainly exist, and in a variety of different ways, are starting to raise their voices to be heard. For all of us who identify with and as Asian sexual minorities, this is one of the few chances in Japan to see films that explore our sexuality. Through this exhibition of visual culture, we can deepen our understanding of sexual minorities in Asia today.

For more information, see the festival website's English page.

--Kimberly Hughes

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