Friday, June 18, 2010

Neo Ryukyu Arc Network Presents “Celebration for a Peaceful New Earth” in Tokyo, Sunday, June 20th

“Celebration for a Peaceful New Earth," scheduled for this Sunday, June 20th, seeks to support the people of Henoko and Tokunoshima—part of the Ryukyu archipelago—in their struggle to halt the construction of U.S. military bases on their islands. The event will feature the incredible power of music from some of Tokyo’s finest performers, plus a series of talk sessions from a number of seasoned grassroots social activists working both locally and around the world.

Come and add your energies and enthusiasm to this event, which promises to leave you inspired on many levels—as well as help us all move closer to the reality of a world based not upon military violence, but rather upon compassion, respect and justice.

Venue: Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage

Event timetable (performer/speaker times subject to change):

• 10:45 AM: Meet at the Hachiko statue in front of Shibuya station

• 11:00 AM: Peace parade from Shibuya to Yoyogi Park. Bring instruments, colorful clothing, and enthusiasm!

• 12:00〜12:15 Parade arrival ceremony and opening remarks

• 12:15〜13:00  The ARTH (Club/Dub/alternative)

• 13:10〜13:40  Ailie (roots reggae singer) and Masago Hideaki (Indian flute)

• 13:40〜14:25 Speakers: Sakata Masako (Kenji no kai organization to protect Mt. Takao) and a representative from Yuntaku Takae (organization to stop the construction of U.S. military helipads in Takae Village, located in Okinawa’s Yanbaru “Broccoli” Forest)

• 14:25〜14:55  Tei Kazuma (singer/songwriter from Tokunoshima Island)

• 14:55〜15:40 Speaker: Hoshikawa Jun (Director, Greenpeace Japan; Member, Japan-US Citizens for Okinawa Network (JUCON)/Network for Okinawa)

• 15:40〜16:10  Miyake Yohei from Albatrus

• 16:10〜17:00 Speaker: Shiva Rei (freelance journalist)

• 17:00〜17:25  Takeru (reggae)

• 17:25〜17:50  Rakita (pop performer from Okinawa)

• 18:00〜18:50  Jintaramuta (Japanese chindon street music fusion)

• 18:50〜19:00 MC

• 19:00〜19:45  Asazaki Ikue (traditional performer from Amami-Oshima Island)

• 19:45〜20:00 Finale/ Closing MC remarks

Video messages also scheduled to be received from:

Kina Shoukichi, member of Parliament, globally renowned Okinawan musician, and peace advocate

• Mayors from several towns on Tokunoshima Island

The event calls for the following:

•  Adamant demand for the withdrawal of governmental plans for new U.S. military base construction in Henoko and/or Tokunoshima]

•  Strong opposition to Hatoyama’s administration trampling over the expressed desires of local citizens with regard to this issue, and the Kan administration’s announcement that it will adhere to its predecessor’s policy in this regard

•  The creation of a Neo Ryukyu Arc Network, connecting the shared peace movements of those in the Ryukyu and Amami Islands (located in Japan’s southern regions of Okinawa and Kagoshima prefecture), as well as other peace movements around the world

•  Renewed commitment to the protection of the rich natural environment and biodiversity found in the Ryukyu and Amami Island regions

Peace actions are also scheduled to be organized by the network in Tokyo, the Ryukyu archipelago, and beyond in conjunction with the following (watch for upcoming details!):

July: Elections in Japan
August: Japan-U.S. accord
September: COP 10
October: Peace Music Festa event
November: President Obama’s visit to Japan

Additional event details:

・Admission is free!
・Event will take place rain or shine!
・There will be no information or food booths at this event. (Sorry folks!)
・ Please be sure to leave the venue as clean as you found it!
・This is a completely volunteer-organized event. Your donations will be greatly appreciated!

Event organizers:

Peace Not War Japan

Spring Love Harukaze Organizing Committee

Neo Ryuku Arc Network

With support from:

“Don’t trample on Okinawa!" Emergency action organizing committee

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