Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japanese government & media censor critical information about the Fukushima nuclear plant crisis

Satoko Norimatsu of Vancouver-based Peace Philosophy Centre is following the Japanese media coverage of the nuclear crisis and observes:
Hiroko Tabuchi and Keith Bradsher of The New York Times have been reporting things that Japanese media has failed to report. For example, yesterday, Tepco made 750 workers evacuate while 50 workers stayed behind.

The latest news says 5 workers have died of radiation poisoning since the quake. NONE of the Japanese government public press conferences TEPCO, and no Japanese media have reported this. what is going on? At recent TEPCO conference, officials said they did not rule out recriticality; some media are reporting but NHK has totally ignored it.

Incredible information control and manipulation is going on at this "critical" time.
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Yumi Tanaka, director of the New York Peace Film Festival, is also concerned abou the free flow of information to Japanese people, and is posting at Twitter in both English and Japanese here.

Paul Arensen of the Tokyo Progressive posted on this pattern after the first explosion at the Fukushima nuclear power facility.

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