Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WWOOF organic farm hosts need volunteers in Japan

WWOOF Japan, a member of Worldwide Organic Farm Opportunities (WWOOF) is looking for volunteers who want to live and work on a Japanese organic farm. The earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis has not affected many parts of Japan, and these farms have had cancellations because of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis:
Earthquake / tsunami update

Thank you so much for all your warm messages.

Japanese Hosts are really appreciating WWOOFers' and ex-WWOOFers' strong encouragements.

We have at last contacted all our Hosts who are situated where the heavier earthquake / tsunami was experienced, and found them all to be safe. Also, we are receiving contact ongoing from the family and friends of current WWOOFers, and so far we have ascertained that all those WWOOFers for whom we have inquired, are safe.

March 16, 2011

To WWOOFers: In the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami, there are many Hosts who need support from WWOOFers, as usual.

The big earthquake & Tsunami occurred in the northern part of the main island of Honshu. Please feel safe and give your good support to Japanese farmers and other Hosts. Thank you for your support.
Some of the opportunities that sound wonderful:
Kyushu area - Oita:

We are friendly family. We treat WWOOFers as real family. We welcome WWOOFers from all over the world. You can enjoy Obachan's (grandma) delicious traditional meals every day. Our children are happy to meet WWOOFers. Onsen (hot spring) is near here. If you want, you can use our bicycle, so you can go around this area. It is nice.
One of many WWOOF farms in Okinawa:

We are seeking Woofers who can stay for over 2 weeks, starting at the end of April 2011. Long period welcome! We have 3 small chirldren so some one who likes kids will be better. The ferry from Okinawa Hontou is no longer available. If you are staying for a long time we will pay for the price difference betweeen the ferry and the flight. please ask from Naha can be as cheep as 7600yen if you book 28days in advance; the ferry was 6500yen, in this case we can pay 1100yen back to you. We are waiting for your contact!! Wwoofers from overseas must check out...
And this poignant message from the prefecture south of Fukushima:
Kanto area - Tochigi

***Our computer is out of order. We are sorry but we cannot reply to WWOOFers soon at the moment. ======

++PLEASE HELP US. WE LEARN AND STUDY JAPANESE POWER OF PEACE. POWER OF NATURE FROM JAPANESE HISTORY, FOR WORLD PEACE! 7ha. FRIENDLY.** Kennkou-seikatuwo kihonntoshite,●○ Kennkouni tunagaru annzennna syokuryouno-seisannwo shiteimasu. えいが ととろ(トトロ)の イントネーション〓音調(おんちょう)〓抑揚(よくよう)〓にほんごを おしえます。EIGA "TOTORO"-NO intonation〓onncyou〓yokuyou〓NIHONGOWO OSHIEMASU. きてくださいKITEKUDASAI.


ayca said...

i am trying to reach the okinawa farm with small kids, do u have their contact details? thx.a.

TenThousandThings said...

No, we don't have it. You need to contact WWOOF -