Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Update Sources: NIRS (Nuclear Info & Resource Service) & Green Action (in Kyoto)

Check out updates also at Martin Frid's eco-blog, Kurashi. Martin lives in Saitama, just north of Tokyo and works with the Consumers Union of Japan. His latest: "Extreme Flooding Along The Coast Due To Earthquake And Tsunami."

NHK, the Japanese public broadcasting outlet, and The Mainichi Daily News are both good news sources.

Via Naomi Klein on Twitter:
Naomi Klein: No energy that can poison entire populations during disasters deserves to be called "clean."

daphnewysham: NIRS (Nuclear Information and Resource Service) is providing regular updates on the Fukushima reactor explosion:
March 11, 2011: BREAKING NEWS. Fact sheet on Fukushima reactors and aftermath of Japan earthquake. Updated 5:30 pm, Saturday, March 12. Report that Unit 3 has lost cooling. Of particular concern: Unit 3 uses plutonium-based fuel.

There are currently 23 General Electric Mark I reactors in the U.S.--the design that exploded at Fukushima. A top Atomic Energy Commission official first proposed banning this design nearly 40 years ago. List/fact sheet.

Statement of CNIC (Tokyo-based Citizens' Nuclear Information Center), March 12, 2011

Green Action blog on Japan nuclear crisis, includes updates, video links.

TMI Alert piece on similarities/differences between Fukushima and Three Mile Island events.
Green Action is located in Kyoto and under the direction of long-time environmentalist Aileen Mioko Smith. Her husband, William Eugene Smith, photographed Minamata survivors.

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