Saturday, May 7, 2011

若者たち、渋谷に集まる-5.7 反原発デモYoung Crowd Gathers In Front of NHK, Shibuya - Another Large Anti-Nuclear Power Demonstration in Tokyo

Moms and Children - a poster that depicts how all organs of a baby are susceptible to radiation

Satoko Norimatsu's report (with video and photos) on the Shibuya demonstration for non-lethal forms of energy production:

I just came back from the anti-nuclear power demonstration held in Shibuya, Tokyo. Last time a large demonstration of 15,000 people was held in Koenji, Tokyo, much of the media ignored it, but this time the demo was right in front of NHK in Shibuya, so they have no excuse not to report it.

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Johntaro said...

There seems to have been a lot of positive energy generated by this impressive turnout (as opposed to nuclear energy). I just wonder why the numbers are relatively small in comparison to the massive anti-nuke rallies in Germany that were sparked by the crisis at Fukushima as well as the estimated 50,000 people who filled the streets of Tokyo in March 2003 in protest against the US-led invasion of Iraq. Are the majority of people in Japan just willing to live with the danger posed by nuclear power?
I get what you’re saying about NHK and if I remember correctly, I think they did give a fairly accurate estimate. I get the Tokyo Shinbun and they actually covered the event before it happened by way of an announcement. The paper listed the time and place for three different anti-nuke rallies to be held.