Saturday, June 30, 2012

NOTE THE YELLOW...Post 3.11 Nuclear-Free Japan organizers borrow the color of the Okinawa Movement to express solidarity...

(Demonstrator at June 30 rally in Ginowan City for a V-22 Osprey-free Okinawa.
Photo: Masami Mel Kawamura)

The Japanese Nuclear-Free Movement, has now matched the scale of the Okinawan Movement.

The symbolic color, yellow, was intentionally adopted by earlier Post-3.11 Nuclear-Free organizers in Fukushima, to express solidarity with Okinawans protesting US military expansion & V-22 Osprey aircraft deployment in their prefecture, explains Satoko Norimatsu in "Fukushima and Okinawa – the “Abandoned People,” and Civic Empowerment" published by APJ last fall.

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