Monday, June 25, 2012

Ruthie Iida's exuberant explanation of the meaning of "Hydrangea Revolution"

Love Ruthie Iida's exuberant explanation of the meaning of the name"Hydrangea Revolution" at Kanagawa Notebook:

I did not hear the term “Hydrangea Revolution” until this morning, when I opened up Facebook to find a post from Jacinta [friend of Ruthie's, who lives in Tokyo], along with her own beautiful photographs of hydrangeas taken in her neighborhood. After reading that one post, the phrase seemed to pop up repeatedly, all day long.

The Friday demonstrations have been compared to the big, bold, brazen blooms ( are they not? nothing wimpy about hydrangeas) that are made up of myriads of tiny blossoms pressed together. What began as a series of small symbolic gatherings has become a huge, spirited protest that the media can no longer ignore...

I haven’t made it to Tokyo on a Friday yet, but I’m proud to be on the same side as such good people. I’m part of the big, brazen bloom….Woo-hooooo!


Johntaro said...

I'm glad you spotlighted this because I wouldn't have noticed it otherwise. I visited the KN blog yesterday and read the whole post there. Now I see why this bloom is the perfect symbol for this budding revolution.

TenThousandThings said...

Thanks JT; I wondered about the choice myself, as an avid gardener, love hydrangea. Have seen other explanations, but Ruthie's is the clearest and most vibrant.