Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mayors for a Nuclear Power Free Japan Urge Noda Government to open a Real Public Debate

Press Conference: 31 July, 2012 (Tuesday) 14:30 – 15:15

Place: Diet Members' No. 2 Office Building of the Lower House, No. 2 Conference Room

Speakers - Mayors for a Nuclear Power Free Japan:

Murakami Tatsuya (Mayor of Tokai Village, Co-Initiator)
Sakurai Katsunobu (Mayor of Minamisoma City, Co-Initiator)
Uehara Hiroko (Former Mayor of Kunitachi City, Secretary General)

International Speakers:

Seo Hyeong-won (Councilor, Gwacheon City Council, Member of Steering Committee of Green Party Korea)
Baerbel Hoehn (Vice Chair, Alliance '90/Greens Parliamentary group)

Statements of Support:

Mayors for Alternative Energy and Nuclear Free World, Korea
Ms Ulli Sima, Executive City Councillor for Environment of Vienna

Language: Press Conference will be held in Japanese, with English interpretation available.

About Mayors for a Nuclear Power Free Japan

The “Mayors for a Nuclear Power Free Japan” network was officially launched in Tokyo on April 28, 2012. This network was initiated by mayors and local municipal leaders attending the Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World held in Yokohama in January 2012. As at July 2012, 77 mayors from 36 prefectures (of a total of 47) throughout Japan have declared their participation in this network.

For more information including members, past resolutions and statements, visit their site:

“Mayors for a Nuclear Power Free Japan” Office: Nohira, Ochi
Tel: 03-6851-9791 Fax: 03-3363-7562
Mobile: 090-6015-6820 Email:

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