Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Peace Not War Japan Presents: "Kunitachi Peace Film and Live Music Festival" in Tokyo, November 1-3, 2009

Peace Not War Japan, a grassroots collective that has been organizing live music, dance and other cultural events since 2006 to raise awareness and funds for citizen-level peace groups, is pleased to announce its latest event to be held this weekend, November 1st-3rd, in the western Tokyo town of Kunitachi.

Kunitachi--known for its progressive social activism and a lively arts scene--will also be holding the "Kunitachi Tenkaichi festival" on the same three days. The town's main street of "Daigakudori" will be transformed into full festival mode, with food stalls and local merchants showcasing their wares.

On each of the three nights, the Chikyuya bar and cafe--a cozy space whose name loosely translates as "Earth House"--will host a lineup of fantastic live bands representing a variety of musical genres, as well as a thought-provoking, peace-themed documentary film to be followed by a talk session. A portion of each night's proceeds will then be donated to a grassroots peace group working in conjunction with the issue being spotlighted.

We believe that peace starts in each of our own individual hearts, and this event will be held in the spirit of inspiring peaceful energies amongst everyone present. So come out to Kunitachi to get some fresh perspectives on important issues that you're not likely to find elsewhere... all while supporting a great cause, *and* enjoying some fabulous entertainment!

Venue: Chikyuya Live House, Kunitachi, Tokyo
Phone: 0425-725-851
Website here (map in Japanese only).
Entry: 1500 yen per night (includes peace group donation)
Time: Doors open at 7:30 PM nightly; shows will run from 8PM
until around 11PM

Sunday, November 1st
Peace issue: Stop construction on Mt. Takao!
Documentary film: "Takao san: 24 years of memories" (Japanese only)
Director: Sisido Daisuke
Peace talk: Sakata Masako from the Kenji no kai (eco-action
group working to save Mt. Takao from slated construction)
Donations: Kenji no kai
Website: (Japanese only)

Live performers:
* Ailie
* Numazawa Takashi (DUB AINU BAND/blues.the-butcher-590213/ill)
* Tengokudan

Monday, November 2nd
Peace issue: War in Iraq and Afghanistan
Documentary film: "Fuyu no heishi" (Winter Soldier)
(English with Japanese subtitles)
Director: Tabo Junichi
A peace talk will be held with the director following the film,
which recounts the Iraq Veterans Against the War's Winter Soldier testimonies of U.S. soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and are now committed to revealing the truth regarding the miseries of war and militarism.

Donations: Collateral Repair Project (grassroots coalition of U.S. and Iraqi citizens working to provide support to Iraqi refugees )

Live performers:
* Nigayomogi
* 東京月桃三味線
* Takeru

Tuesday, November 3rd
Peace issue: No Helipads in Takae!
Documentary film: "Kukuru" (Japanese only)
Director: Kim Sunyon
Peace Talk: Kondo Ichiro and Murakami Yoko, from Yuntaku Takae

Donations: Yanbaru Takae--Association to Protect the Broccoli Forest (Local movement to stop U.S. military construction in Okinawa's Yanbaru region)

Live performers:
* Kudo "Big H" Haruyasu and Friends
* poodles
* Love Station

Additional Info:
* We ask that you please refrain from smoking in the venue.
* All artists are performing on a volunteer basis. Once the venue rental fee and other expenses have been paid, all proceeds will be donated to the peace groups specified above.

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