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Spring Love Harukaze 2010 focuses on issue of military bases & militaristic versus sustainable economy & culture

It’s back!!

Spring Love (Harukaze) is making its second run in Yoyogi Park on April 3rd and 4th, promising a weekend extravaganza of top-rated musical and dance performances, film screenings, organic food and goods, and talk sessions featuring peace-related social action.

Come out and enjoy the cherry blossoms while feeding your mind and soul with some Spring Love!!

Date/Time: Saturday, April 3rd (1-8 PM) and Sunday,
April 4th (12-7:30 PM)
Venue: Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage
Admission: Free!!

Event will feature:

■ Performances from numerous musicians and dancers representing a variety of artistic genres
■ Peace-related talk sessions, films, and exhibitions
■ Events on two separate stages (Spring Stage and Love Stage)
■ Booths with literature from peace-related NPOs/NGOs
■ Spring Love Market with sales of various eco-friendly goods
■ Spring Love Kitchen featuring stalls with organic/ethnic foods
■ Live painting
■ Kids’ activities

Peace program:

Saturday, April 3rd

2:30-3:25 PM: Military bases and the role of the media

Panelists: Kobayashi Atsushi (director/producer of several military-base related documentary films); Shiva Rei (freelance journalist who has reported from places including Iraq and Gaza)
Navigator: Inada Hideaki (Solar Inc.)

4:35-4:50 PM: Hints for carving out natural, sustainable lifestyles in today's unnatural, unsustainable modern societies

Speaker: Ikue Masudo, formerly known as Takagi Saya (TV/film actor, free diver, owner of Furyu organic cafe/gallery)
Navigator: Fukui Hiroshi (Peace Not War Japan music director,DJ)

4:50-5:50 PM: Why should Japan's Constitutional Article 9 (the peace clause) be protected?

Panelists: Matsumari Masumi (Peace Boat); Shiva Rei (freelance journalist); Kamebuchi Yuka (gospel singer, peace advocate)

8:30 PM〜: Documentary film screenings

We don’t need bases anywhere!, ANPO and The Insular Empire: America in the Marianas promotional clips, Message from Yanbaru: A Documentary of Takae, Higashi Village in Okinawa, Alternative Lifestyles: Learning from the European Squatting Movement, Kukuru (featuring a live performance from singer UA in Takae village, Okinawa)

Sunday, April 4th

2:00-2:45 PM: Listen to citizens' voices: No more wasteful, destructive construction!

Hear from activists working to stop the following projects in environmentally rich areas: a tunnel through Mt. Takao; a nuclear power plant in Kaminoseki; and a U.S. military site in Takae Village, Okinawa.

Panelists: Sakata Masako (Kenju no kai); Higa "Marty" Masato (documentary filmmaker); Yamato Taka (organic loquat farmer); Yamada Sei (peace/environmental activist and author)

3:30-4:25 PM: Building sustainable, non-militarized economies: examples of organic, small-scale, community-based alternatives to a military-dependent economy

Panelists: Kikuchi Yumi (Harmonics Life Center director, Tokyo Peace Film Festival producer, Japan United for a Ministry of Peace committee member); Tanaka Yu (Mirai Bank Director, Japan International Volunteer Center board member, ap bank member); Kosaka Masaru (organic restaurant/bar owner, writer, rice/soybean farmer)

5:10-5:25 PM: Kikuchi Yumi, a well-known peace/environmental activist, writer, translator, and international speaker, shares the latest information on 9/11-related issues, the Tokyo Peace Film Festival, and more!

Navigator: Kimberly Hughes, Peace Not War Japan co-coordinator.

Musical performers:

Ikue Asazaki (traditional Amami Shimauta folk songs)

Sayoko meets YA MAN RIDDIM (funky reggae + djembe),

Blues the Butcher-590213 + Leyona (rock/soul/reggae/blues)

Rakita (acoustic groove)

Yuppi & Tane (elementary school aged singer/songwriter!)

Rabirabi (percussion/voice duo)

Ailie (roots reggae)


11-piece wadaiko (Japanese drum) ensemble

Kamebuchi Yuka and Voices of Japan (VOJA) (gospel)

Mika Arisaka (jazz)

SandiiBunbun with Earth Conscious and Hula All Stars (Hawaiian)

The Tchiky's (Acoustic/Afrobeat/Dub)

Takeru (reggae)

Fukugawa Baron Club (Indonesian gamelan)

YOSHIE (belly dancing)

Uranagel (folk)

Jintaramuta (fusion unit blending Japanese traveling street protest music together with elements of modern jazz)


Mon Kumagai (shamisen)

And more!

Additional Information:

※ Please note that there may be changes in the list of performers and guests.

※ Please refrain from smoking within the venue area, as well as from taking photographs of the performers.

※ A portion of the sales of food and goods--as well as all donations placed in our donation boxes, will be given to several grassroots organizations in order to support their ongoing work for nonviolent peace action.

※ Spring Love has a “gomi-zero” ("no garbage") policy.

Please leave the venue as clean as you found it by separating your trash at one of the provided garbage stations. Garbage
cleanup is an extremely expensive undertaking, and if this policy is not respected, we may not be able to offer this free
festival in the future. Show some spring love by following the "gomi-zero" rule!!

※ Volunteers needed before and during the event!! (setup, translation/interpretation, cleanup, various administrative tasks,
etc.) If you are able to help, please contact us at!

Event support: A SEED JAPAN, Solar, Peace Not War Japan,

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