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Historic United Okinawa Prefectural Rally April 25, 2010: ""Move Futenma Outside of Okinawa out of the prefecture, out of the country!"

Via Satoko Norimatsu's Peace Philosophy Centre Blog:
100,000 Okinawans are expected to show up at the Okinawa Prefecture Rally on April 25, at Yomitan Sports Park. Above is the flyer, which reads:

"Move Futenma Outside of Okinawa out of the prefecture, out of the country! Express our determination to Japanese and U.S. Governments!"

April 25 Prefecture Citizens' Rally

• To call for immediate closure and return of Futenma Air Station

• To Oppose inter-prefectural relocation

• To call for out-of-country or out-of-prefecture relocation

Location: Yomitan Sports Park

Let's All Go There!

3:00 PM, April 25 (Sunday)
Rain or Shine

Mayors of 37 out of 41 municipalities of all the Okinawa islands will attend the rally. The four remaining mayors, of the islands of Kumejima, Ishigaki, Ginoza, and Tokashiki, will send their representative, if not attend themselves.

Governor Nakaima, after vacillating, finally decided to attend. According to NHK News at noon on April 23, Nakaima was reported as saying, "I hesitated to make a decision while the Japanese government had not made a decision; but I decided it was a good opportunity to express my opinion about the over-burden of bases by Okinawa."

DPJ's Cabinet Secretary Hirano pressured Nakaima not to attend, but Hirano, knowing Nakaima's decision, said, "It is the Governor's choice."

April 18 Ryukyu Shimpo quotes:

Inamine Susumu, Mayor of Nago: "I have been saying not only the Henoko Shore plan but also the Camp Schwab in-land plan was unacceptable. I want to show the power of our opposition."

Shimabukuro Toshio, Mayor of Uruma ( White Beach): "I want the government to show a policy consistent with their election pledge."

Iha Yoichi, Mayor of Ginowan (Futenma Air Station): "The U.S. is planning to move Futenma's helicopter units to Guam. I want the Government not just to talk about building an alternative base, but to explain to the people of Japan and to the parliament what the U.S. plan is about."

The rally starts at 3 PM, but Makishi Yoshikazu, an Okinawan architect and blogger says: "Starting as early as noon, there will be songs and performances by young people. Let us get a bottle of water and leave home by 10 AM."

Many municipalities, including Ginowan City, will arrange free shuttle buses for the convenience of rally-goers.

Those who cannot attend are encouraged to wear or have something yellow to show solidarity.

There is no doubt that it will be a historic event, with the Governor and all the municipal leaders on a united front of the hundreds of thousands of people of Okinawa.

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「普天間」県民大会、37首長参加へ 全市町村で「県内反対」2010年4月18日


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