Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't Force Bases onto Okinawa! - Open Air Tea Party (3pm) • Rally (5pm) • Demo (6pm) in Kyoto-- Sunday, April 25th!

Give the U.S. and Japanese governments a YELLOW CARD!

Yellow-garbed, peace-loving people will gather together on Sunday, April 25th in Honolulu, Washington D.C., and Tokyo in solidarity with the 100,000 person strong rally that will be held in Okinawa opposing the continued presence of military bases.

On the same day, Kyoto Action against bases in Henoko and Futenma is also organizing a simultaneous action along the Kamo River in Kyoto City. For more information about the activities of Kyoto Action, click here to see a previous Ten Thousand Things post.

In the spirit of ensuring that all voices and opinions are heard with respect and compassion, there will be a river-side Open Air Tea Party where participants can exchange their thoughts on the military build up in Okinawa and the world. Participants will also have the chance to create origami of the endangered dugong, one of the beautiful cousins of the sea cow whose habitat will be destroyed should the U.S. military succeed in inundating Henoko Bay with concrete to build a new base.

Should you not be able to make it to the Tea Party, check out this video of how to make the dugong and learn more about the actions of the Osaka and Tokyo-based Save the Dugong Campaign Center watch the following video:

The Tea Party will be followed by a rally and then a demo through the sakura streets of Kyoto. Join us in raising our voices against continued military occupation and expansion!

Open Air Tea Party

Time: 3-5pm
Place- Along the Kamo River near Sanjo Street

Activities: Discussion, origami, sanpin tea, and sata andagi (sweet Okinawan buns)

Mouth-watering Sata andagi

Wear Yellow (In solidarity with the Okinawa people )

Time- 5pm
Location- Along the Kamo River near Sanjo Street

Demo  Departure
Time- 6pm
Location- Start at Kamo river near Sanjo, end at Maruyama Park

For more information, call Kyoto Action at: 090-2359-9278

Supporting Organizations*

Group Chanpuru (ぐるーぷちゃんぷる)
Kyoto Resident Uchinanchu Group (京都在住うちなーんちゅの会)
Kyoto Association of people from Okinawa Prefecture (京都沖縄県人会)
Kyoto Peace Constitution Organization (平和憲法の会・京都)
Kyoto Organization for a Nuke and  Base-free Okinawa (核も基地もない平和な沖縄をめざす京都の会(京都沖縄の会))
Ainu Okinawa wo Kangaeru Kai (アイヌ・沖縄を考える会)
Anti-war Senior Club- Kyoto (反戦老人クラブ・京都)
Kyoto Co-op Workers Club (京都生協の働く仲間の会)
US for Okinawa
and many more...

(*Note, theses are my English translations of the organizations' names and are not official.

-Jen Teeter

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