Monday, April 5, 2010

Kyle Kajihiro: We stand in solidarity with the JUCON rally Tuesday at the Diet Building

We express our solidarity with JUCON members who are rallying Tuesday afternoon at the Diet building against the proposed military base at White Beach, Okinawa and echo this statement by Kyle Kajihiro--shared at last weekend's Spring Love festival focusing on military bases and militaristic versus sustainable economies and cultures:
Aloha ‘Ohana (family)


Warm greetings from Hawai’i as you celebrate the coming of spring, new life and the creation of a more just and peaceful world.

皆さんが春と新たな命の訪れ、そして今よりもっと公正で平和な世界の創造を祝う このとき、ハワイにて心からのご挨拶を述べます。

My name is Kyle Kajihiro. I am a yonsei Japanese in Hawai’I and Program Director for the American Friends Service Committee Hawaii office. I am sorry that I cannot be there in person, but I join your celebration in the spirit of creativity and peace.


In Hawai’i, we struggle to overcome the legacy of war and imperialism. The independent Kingdom of Hawai’i was invaded and occupied by the U.S. military to advance its building of empire in the Pacific. During the Spanish American War, our islands were transformed into America’s Pacific garrison, a stepping stone to Asia.


The abundant fishponds of Ke Awalau o Pu’uloa – the true name of what many only know as Pearl Harbor and a precious resource that once fed much of O’ahu island – were destroyed and polluted to build one of America’s first overseas military bases. Today, nearly 1000 U.S. foreign military bases encircle the planet in a delusional bid to attain “full spectrum dominance” over the earth.

パール・ハーバーという名でしか多くの人が知りませんが本当の名前でKe Awalau o Pu'uloaという、かつてはO'ahu島の大半の人口に食を恵んだ貴重な資源の地である、魚に溢れた入り江は、米国の最初の海外軍事基地のひとつを建設するために破壊され汚染されてしまいました。

Small islands have long been pawns of imperialist nations in their struggle for power and dominance. During WWII, Hawai’i, Guam, the Northern Marianas, the Marshall Islands and Okinawa were caught in the cross fire between warring imperialist nations. But it seems that the American victors in that war learned the wrong lessons – that endless militarization and war brings peace and security. On the other hand, Japan has taken the opposite lesson – that wars end as tragedy.


Ironically, Japan can now help America redeem itself. Defend Article 9 in Japan’s constitution. Reject the U.S. bases in Okinawa, and demand the reduction, not relocation of these bases and troops. Standing up to U.S. may begin a momentous process to roll back of the violent legacy of imperialism in the Pacific.


Just as the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been transformed into beacons of peace and hope for the world, let us honor those who perished in war in Okinawa by creating an island of peace rather than a platform for more war.


We in Hawai’i envision the transformation of Pearl Harbor back into Ke Awalau o Pu’uloa, both physically and in our collective memory, from a war memorial to a life-giving monument to peace.

As you raise your voices to remove the bases from Okinawa, we protest the military’s war training in Makua, Waimanalo and Pohakuloa and call for these lands to become centers for cultural education, environmental restoration and the study of peace.

We stand with our brothers and sisters in Guahan and the Marianas to resist the tsunami of militarization that the U.S. proposes to unleash on their islands.

我々ハワイの市民は、物理的にもそして我々皆の記憶においても、戦争の記念物から生命を与える平和の記念碑へと、パールハーバーをKe Awalau o Pu'uloaに回復することを構想しています。みなさんが沖縄から基地を取り除こうと声をあげるように、我々はMakua, Waimanalo, そしてPohakuloaにおいての軍隊の戦争訓練に抗議し、これらの土地が先住民文化教育、環境修復、平和学習のためのセンターになるよう求めています。我々はグアムやマリワナ諸島の兄弟たちと共に、彼らの島々に米国が放とうと企てる軍事化の津波に抵抗するため、立ち上がっています。

The Pacific Ocean unites us as a family. The currents that once carried people across the sea in epic voyages can also carry our prayers and solidarity. We, the peoples of the Pacific must model for the governments new ways to bring about peace, justice and security through peoples’ solidarity rather than militarism.


Thank you for your commitment to a better and more peaceful world.


In solidarity

Kyle Kajihiro 
カイル カジヒロ
Many thanks to Makiko Sato for this perfect translation.

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