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Spring Love Harukaze: Charity Event for the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake

After much deliberation, the organizing committee of urban party Spring Love Harukaze 2011 has decided to hold the event this year as scheduled, although with various changes compared to the 2009 and 2010 events in light of the recent disaster. The event will take place in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park (outdoor stage/event space) on April 2-3, 2011.

As everyone is aware, the earthquake and tsunami have caused extensive damage in the region of eastern Japan. Peace Not War Japan, as one of the event's supporting organizations, sends our deepest condolences to those affected by the disaster, as well as our greatest hopes for continuing recovery.

In addition to the event's traditional themes of environmental, peace and human rights issues explored via music and art, the recent events have prompted the organizing committee to restructure this year's Spring Love Harukaze to focus upon fundraising for disaster relief for those in the affected areas. Moreover, the event will also include a lineup of speakers addressing the issue of nuclear power, which continues to cause worry in light of ongoing events at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Spring Love Harukaze 2011
** Rain or Shine! **

Event fee: Free (**Donation for disaster relief requested**)

Saturday, April 2nd, 1PM - sundown
"Day of Remembrance/Prayer"

☆ Remembrance for those killed in the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake
☆ Creation of an altar to pray for their souls to rest peacefully
☆ Requiem for victims sung by gospel ensemble Kamebuchi Yuka + VOJA
☆ Spring Stage: Acoustic performances and talk sessions
☆ Love Stage: Acoustic performances, talk sessions and DJs


 Yuka Kamebuchi &VOJA
 Monsieur Kamayatsu + Nagai HOTOKE Takashi + Takashi Numazawa + LEYONA

 DJ Yumii

◎Talk Session: Creating a positive future--alternative energies, food, nature

Masaru Kousaka (Organic bar owner)
Masako Sakata (director, organization to save Mt. Takao)



 Wada Fusai


Sunday, April 3rd
12PM - 8PM (possibility of stopping at sundown)
"Creating the Future Together"

☆ Spring Stage: Talk sessions and live performances
☆ Love Stage: Talk sessions, DJs, live performances
☆ Solar-powered "Unnamed Parade"
☆ Earth-Day Market along the tree-lined avenue 10AM-4PM (cancelled in case of rain)


 Kosuke Tsuji + Takashi Numazawa + Kidonatsuki
  + Kamiyann with Yoshie
 Ryuta Koshino 
 SUGEE feat.寂空

◎Talk Session: Nuclear power / alternatiave energies
 Hitomi Kamanaka (documentary filmmaker/video artist)  





【The Unnamed Parade】
 Mighty Collaboration : 100%LOVE&PEACE PARADE

Additional Event Information:

☆ We ask that you please utilize public transportation (train, bus, etc.) in order to come to the event. (Please leave extra time, however, in case of scheduled blackouts.)

☆ This is a good opportunity to see friends that you have not seen since thedisaster, and to to enjoy each other's company while you take in the cherry blossoms, music, DJs and talk events. Due to continuing aftershocks and the nuclear power plant situation, however, we ask that you please pay attention to news reports before deciding whether to attend.

☆ Event updates will be available on our website:

Finally, we send our greatest thanks in advance to all artists, speakers, and event attendes for makng this year's event possible!!

Spring Love Harukaze 2011 Organizing Committee

An article with event highlights from 2010 is here.

Message from Organizing Committee:

Due to concerns regarding the use of electricity, fuel and other materials, we will help to direct these resources toward the areas where they are needed most by making this year's Spring Love Harukaze event as simple as possible and minimizing our environmental footprint wherever we can. On Saturday April 2nd (which will be a day of remembrance for those killed in the disaster), both the Spring and the Love stages will be run entirely on solar power, with all live performances being acoustic. The day's lineup will include a performance by gospel singer (and Spring Love Harukaze committee director) Yuka Kamebuchi, whose ensemble VOJA will sing an a capella requium for those whose lives were lost.

We are also aiming to reduce the costs for this year's event in order to direct as many funds as possible toward disaster relief. While we had originally planned to increase the number of stages and enlarge the children's area, we have revised these plans in light of the recent events. There will again be two stages and a kids area as in past years, and we will also attempt to provide as much warm, delicious food and drink service as possible. We ask for your understanding, however, regarding the fact that bench seating and lights at the event will be available only minimally. We ask, therefore, that those who attend the event please be responsible for bringing your own blankets, chairs, lights and candles.

We are presently researching which disaster relief organizations to send donations collected during the event, and will make this information available shortly on our website.

- Kimberly Hughes, Peace, not war Japan

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