Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Photo essay: Okinawans to Hatoyama: "We have the right to say NO!"

Okinawan protesters demonstrated their resistance to his proposal at every stop on Hatoyama's visit to their island. A Kyoto Action member followed PM Hatoyama today and posted these at his blog:

9 a.m. - 400 people gather at the Okinawa Prefecture Office

                    Prefectural Assembly members remind the Hatoyama Administration: 
"Keep your campaign pledges!"

Futenma Volunteer Group and Ti-da Organization oppose bases at Futenma

           2 pm - 200 people young and old gather at Futenma Elementary school

4 pm - Protesters at Camp Schwab insisting, "We have the right to say NO!"

Meeting with Mayor Inamine at Nago City. 
300 protesters watch the meeting through the glass 
(PM Hatoyama is at the left.) 
Mayor Inamine made clear his absolute opposition to the Hatoyama proposal: 
"We absolutely cannot accept such a plan."

-- Jen Teeter

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